Own Your Curves – Part 2

So it’s been a busy few weeks here at BCAD headquarters, and I’ve been itching to get back to you lovely readers with a follow up to my last blog which can be read here: https://blackcatsangel.wordpress.com/2012/02/23/ownyourcurves/

I’m a big believer in the saying that size doesn’t matter, regardless of your clothing size, you are still 100% gorgeous. You just need to own your curves, instead of letting them dictate to you!

Miss K recently flew down to visit me in Melbourne and whilst she was here, she booked her first ever boudoir session with me. We talked about how we would make her curves look good, and ensure a great session. I found out that her eyes were her fave feature, and there were a few areas of her body she wasn’t comfortable having photographed. We then went and picked out from my own private studio collection, some outfits for her to wear and started the shoot.

K was quite nervous, which strangely, most women are – but I told her a quote I heard a few years back which is so true.

And boy did magic happen. I was completely blown away.

Gone was the pretty girl next door, and here was the sultry siren, gorgeous glamazon, and mysterious minx whose eyes lit up full of mischief and a little hint of shyness.

It’s amazing what a bit of trust, a little laughter, some well applied makeup and a damn good corset can do for ones self confidence.

Miss K – you’re a stunner. I hope these photo’s help you see what your friends and loved ones do.

You inspire me. You OWN those curves.

BlackCatsAngel Designs

Miss K, thank you for entrusting me with capturing your true self. I know it was a big deal for you and I’m honoured that you had that kind of trust in me.

You’re an amazing lady, and I can’t wait to have you and your hubby in front of my lens again soon!

Ladies (and Gents!), if you’d like to see yourself the way that others see you, then get in touch with me via the contact form or via melani@blackcatsangel.com to book your own boudoir shoot.

I guarantee you – you’re going to be amazed at what you see.


Melani x


Own Your Curves…

As I write this, there is a beautiful, curvy, gorgeous, voluptuous woman sitting on a plane, on her way to Melbourne. A town that holds memories of both joy and sadness.

She has an intricate story and has weathered more storms than most people her age. But she’s on a mission. A mission to get her life back, to find her true strength and accept her beauty – as it is right now, and in the future.Miss K as I call her – married the love of her life in October 2011. Finally someone who would love her – unconditionally.

Isn’t it sad that we should have to put the word unconditionally into the same sentence as the word love? What has society turned us into?

Today I am on a mission too. I am on a mission to help Miss K accept her curves. I want to show her what her husband sees when he looks at his wife, and what I see when I look at my friend – someone I look up to as a sister, someone who is beautiful on the inside, the outside and everything in between.

Curves no matter how many you have – are gorgeous. Take ownership of them – OWN YOUR CURVES.

But most of all, remember that beauty is only skin deep. It’s what’s on the inside that counts the most.

I can’t wait to capture your beauty K. You’re gorgeous.
Love Mel x




This week has been BUSY. Hella busy. Here it is in dot point…

*Monday – go to Drouin and do a Boudoir Shoot for Miss D

*Tuesday – Sewing lesson with Kate Green Designs – made a dress (yet to be completed!)

*Wednesday – Christmas Shopping

*Thursday – Went to Easy Weddings office for a meeting and edit Miss D’s photo’s

*Friday – Finish editing photo’s and go to Ringwood

*Saturday – Went to Woori Yallock and do the wedding makeup for the lovely Leeann T who then went and became Mrs Leeann M! After finishing that job, made my way with the fabulous Miss Danni to “The Pub” at Crown where I caught up with some amazing friends where we exchanged gifts and cuddled littles for a good while and then caught the train to Ballarat with my other half Dusty!

*Sunday – Attempted to make gingerbread houses = FAIL and then had an early Christmas with my Family = MASSIVE WIN.

I’m still in Ballarat now and headed back tomorrow where I will spend one last day Christmas shopping, and then, on Thursday I will be at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, rehearsing for the Channel 9 Carols by Candlelight, getting home late, and then again on Friday rehearsing more at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl and then on Christmas Eve we have the real gig. Where Australia’s well loved, upcoming bright and shining stars, will make Christmas special for those at home.

Santa will visit, Hi 5 will sing and dance, the choir will sing like angels the well loved Hallelujah Chorus and Silvie Paladino will, undoubtedly cry – again. But this is what Christmas is. Sharing, loving and giving your whole self to your loved ones, which is why, when I write this at 1:30am on Tuesday morning, exhausted and shaking from lack of sleep, I am still smiling.

But that’s another blog post in itself which I am hoping to write tomorrow night.

Till then, sweet, sweet dreams to you…

Mel x

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