D is for Divine…..

As a photographer, I am entrusted with many a wonderful thing. From making someone feel a million dollars, to capturing their wedding day, and even keeping secrets. I take my role very seriously, and discussions that take place during a shoot are never shared. I would never like to abuse this trust.

A lot of what I do is all about trust. At times I see people at their most vulnerable. They might be about to embark on their wedding day and get a dose of cold feet, or they may be pregnant and wanting to flaunt their whole body in all it’s beauty – I love capturing the beauty of the pregnant woman… It always astounds me that there’s a living, breathing human being in there… Amazing!

Other times, I am invited to capture a woman’s beauty as a gift for their husband because they are separated by distance due to work as was the case with the beautiful woman I captured a few weeks ago. A friend that I have come to see in a new light – she’s not just a wife or mother, she is a beautiful, fun, intelligent, quirky and fabulous woman who loves her family immensely.

D’s hubby works on the other side of Australia, and she contacted me regarding a boudoir shoot and I knew I had to make this something special for her – she’s not what I would call conservative, but she was also concerned about sharing ‘too much’ if you get the drift!

D is a strikingly beautiful woman – there’s nothing plain about her. She has these gorgeous soulful eyes that just – well, I can see why her husband fell for her – he’s still swimming in their beauty. She’s what I would say quietly stunning – you’ll see what I mean when you see her before shot!

Gorgeous right?! I told you!

Then the fun began! D has this awesome wall – it’s exposed brick that has been painted this amazing red and I am jealous of it! She gussied herself up in a dress that her hubby bought for her last Christmas that she’s not been able to wear as it’s a little… well… a lot booby and she’s only worn it once even though she loves it!

Being that this shoot was her hubby’s Christmas gift, we went a little Christmassy with the first few photos…

We start tame... don't want the man of the house too excited just yet!

We start tame... don't want the man of the house too excited just yet!

I wonder what you were thinking here D… Hmmm 😉

At this point we were interrupted by Master H who inherited his Mumma’s eyes….

Master H wanted some attention for himself too and with that kinda cuteness factor who am I to resist!?

Once Master H was satisfied, we got back to the task at hand… I’ll let the photo’s speak for themselves, but Miss D, you are all kinds of gorgeous! I can’t wait to get you back in front of my lens sometime in the near future! I’m glad your hubby loved your gift to him and I hope you enjoyed your day of doing something a little bit out of the ordinary. Let’s catch up for another Lemon Zing soon!

Isn't she lovely?

One of my faves - look at her eyes!

Beautiful rings...

*sigh* those eyes!

Who me?

Yes, you!

And those legs! Wow! They are never ending!

Strut your stuff!

If you would like your own day where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, then get in touch via the contact form or by emailing me at melani@blackcatsangel.com. If you make a booking through the month of January, you will receive an 8×10 framed image from your shoot free!

Love and light,

Melani x

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